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Making Love OST (WAV Files)

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Original Soundtrack for the short film 'Making Love' dir by Helen Rollins, starring David Dastmalchian, Frédérique Bel and Nigel O'Neill.

A playwright with a dark past risks his life in returning to his home city to find out if a woman with whom he once had a passionate and illicit affair ever truly loved him, only to learn that it was only ever the unknowing and distance that kept their desire alive.

Track List:

  1. Trailer Score
  2. Titles And Murmurations
  3. Starving In Excess
  4. Stand In Our Way
  5. No One Is Watching
  6. No F******!
  7. Maybe Im A Coward
  8. I Have Missed You
  9. Do You Love Me_
  10. Cursing The Wind
  11. A Mock Execution